SERAW / EBRD (London) – Kozloduy NPP : Facility for retrieval and processing RAW from ECT tanks [project manager],

SERAW / EBRD (London) – Kozloduy NPP : Supply and installation of a size reduction and decontamination workshop [tender + consulting engineer],

SERAW / EBRD (London) – Kozloduy NPP : National Facility Disposal [tender].

ENERGOATOM / EBRD (London) : Rivne NPP Solid Waste Retrieval Facility [consulting engineer],

ENERGOATOM / EU (Brussels) : Khmelnitskiy NPP VVER Simulator [tender + project manager],

ENERGOATOM / EU (Brussels) : NPP Inspection system [tender + consulting engineer].

JAVYS / EBRD (London) – Bohunice NPP : Increasing of existing fragmentation and decontamination facilities [tender],

JAVYS / EBRD (London) – Bohunice NPP : Treatment of historical waste – Sludges and sorbents [tender + project manager],

JAVYS / EBRD (London) – Bohunice NPP : Erection of the new large capacity F&D facility npp v1 [tender],

JAVYS / EBRD (London) – Bohunice NPP : Disposal of remote handled waste from Mogilnik [tender],

JAVYS / EBRD (London) – Bohunice NPP : Decontamination of VVER primary circuit [tender + consulting engineer].

MAGNOX North and South – 7 NPP : Retrieval, Processing, and filling equipment and support to deliver the Magnox ILW management programme [tender].

SOGIN – TRISAIA : Studies and work on site for pit 7.1 clean-up,

SOGIN – Saluggia : Construction of new nuclear storage building for radioactive waste,

GAM Milan : Vacuum cleaner’s bags production equipment.

Séché Energy : Engineering and design an underwater equipment for handling, maintaining and measurement of activated parts (NPP under dismantling phase) [project manager & Design Responsible]

Séché Energy : Conceptual design of underwater conveyor (not motorised and remotly operated) for meaurement table and activated parts [Offer + Design Responsible]

Séché Energy : CAPEX (CAPital EXpenditure / OPEX (OPeration Expenditure) study of nuclearised ISO containers Storage building including remote handling / transfer system and hot cells for treatment / conditioning process [project manager & Consultant Expert],

Westinghouse France : Finalisation of technical and operational description reports for tools, equipment and packaging to be used to clean the NPP pool by collecting contaminated / activated chips underwater (NPP under dismantling phase) [Project Engineer],

GANIL Caen : SPIRAL 2, 3D mock-up and technical synthesis of heavy ion accelerator radioactive building [tender + project manager],

CEA Cadarache : 3D mock-up and technical synthesis AGATE, radioactive waste treatment [tender + project manager],

CEA Cadarache : 3D mock-up and technical synthesis CEDRA, storage of radioactive waste drums [tender + project manager],

CEA Cadarache : manufacturing of liner for nuclear fuel GFR and SFR (needle and hexagonal, thickness < 100 µm), GBox (dismantling of old and new supply) + automatic welding equipment [tender + R&D Engineer],

AREVA STMI Marcoule : Sludge treatment UDH, general leaded piping installation and cement pouring station [tender + project manager],

EDF CIH : Renovation of dams, maintenance [tender + consulting engineer],

CEA Cadarache : Contract for studies of safety case [tender + consulting engineer],

EDF - CIDEN / CNIM : Building waste treatment, feasibility and Basics [consulting engineer],

EDF CIPN : General installation Framework contract [tender + project manager],

AREVA NC : Waste Evaporator, general leaded piping installation [tender + project manager],

EDF CIPN : Analysis of Replacement Steam Generator report and drawings, nuclear equipment [tender + project manager],

AREVA COMURHEX : Chemistry Workshop (Uranyl nitrate), general leaded piping installation [tender + project manager],

EDF CIPN : Steam Generator replacement. Site prepation (road, transport SG, modular nuclear workshop, special handling system, storage building for used SG, …) - GB4, TN3, TN4, FS1, SLB2, DA2, BU4, DA2 [project manager],

IRSN Cadarache : AMANDE, radioactive monitoring building, [project manager],

CEA Cadarache : Deep disposal of radioactive waste - technical scenarios [project engineer],

AREVA TN : MX8, MOX fuel transport packaging [project engineer],

ANDRA : Deep disposal of radioactive waste - clay barrier [R&D engineer],

UNISABI Orléans : Pet food bags (feeding and sealing) production equipment,

CEA Grenoble : Powder metallurgy. Manufacturing of complex mechanical part by HIP (Space / Aerospace / Nuclear).

ITER – F4E : CPRHS [Tasks Order Offers + Technical Responsible Officer],

The CPRHS (Cask and Plug Remote Handling System) framework contract covers the design, testing, manufacturing, delivery, commissioning and acceptance. This contract, considered to be the largest ever in fusion remote-handling/robotics, has a total budget of approximately 100 million euros implemented over a period of seven years.

The CPRHS, which looks like a robotic truck, is a key element of ITER’s remote-operated nuclear maintenance system specifically designed for the transport of internal contaminated / activated components from the reactor vessel (within Tokamak Building) to the Hot Cells Facility where they are tested, repaired, cleaned / decontaminated or scrapped. When the system carries remotly the heaviest components, the total mass of the CPRHS is close to 100 tonnes. It also carries remote-operating equipment for deployment in the reactor chamber, to carry out inspection or maintenance, as the level of radioactivity precludes any human intervention.

ITER – Agence Iter France : Site Preparation - logistics, operations, technical synthesis [tender + project manager].